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We specialize in retrofitting existing homes and buildings with new insulation. Insulating and weather sealing a home is the most cost effective way to decrease your energy consumption. Insulation can result in a 50% energy savings and pay for itself in as little as two years! You can insulate your home for about the cost of replacing two windows.

Energy Star and Energy Trust of Oregon offer significant cash incentives and rebates for upgrading your home insulation. Because these incentives are very complex, we offer a free energy savings inspection to help you understand what you qualify for. Many homes are elligable to receive up to 40% of insulation costs. Contact us to get started.

Why Choose Us?

Serving the Portland, Oregon area, we are BPI certified and are trade allies of the Energy Trust of Oregon. Our staff brings you over twenty five years of experience and are trained to exceed expectations. Ask us about our guarantee -- don't pay until you're satisfied!

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We're offering free home inspections in your neighborhood! Our insulation technicians will inspect your home and discuss options and rebates.